Tisa-Line Micro fiber pad with blue stripe

Microfibre pad with blue stripe Choose your size, suitable for tile and / or other hard floor, parquet, etc.Attention of best quality now only available from us! convince yourself and choose these super pads. Available sizes are, all sizes that are ...
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Micro fiber pad with blue stripe,

Choose your size, suitable for all types of tile, tiling, natural stone, marble, PVC, Linoleum, Laminate etc etc. and any other hard floor, parquet etc.
Pay attention to obtaining best quality now only from us! convince yourself and choose these super pads under your polishing machine.

From stock available sizes are ,, 13, 16, 17 and 20 inches.
and recently also the 20 inch with hole (see 2nd image, path with hole).

However, that is not as important as it seems because it always fits and it is just to use whether it is a centimeter or more is not that much because the pad is always at the bottom and it is not a polynomial and no pressure need to exercise, it is better to choose as close as possible to your size, but the maxim is, a consumer machine is always 12 or 13 inches and a professional machine always 16, 17 or even 20 inches to 28inch. Anyway we can deliver it.

From 6 to 28 inches to be delivered (on order) email us with your order.

For sale per piece, 7 pieces (is 1 box) or several boxes of 7 pieces, etc choose your action.

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