Woca Pads Rectangular 12x25cm

Woca Pads Rectangular thick 12x25cm (6 Colors available) especially for pad holders. Available in different colors and hardnesses, the lighter the color the softer the pad. Dark pads are used to create a slightly abrasive effect.
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Woca Pads thick 12x25cm Especially for pad holders,

Available in different colors and hardnesses, the lighter the color the softer the pad.

    • Black / Green pads are used to get a slightly abrasive effect, and for serious cleaning work.
    • RED pad that is suitable for many purposes and is therefore the best choice in combination with the white pad. are mainly used to polish surfaces and polish oil with a matt effect.
    • BEIGE pad is widely used for light polishing and soft oil in and out.
    • WHITE is the softest and perfectly suitable for lightly polishing and scouring oil, soap, etc. also dry to use.
    • BLUE is used for lightly sanding and buffing wax and oil types, for a silk matt effect.
    • BROWN Maroon Stripping Pad for ao Neutral Oil and stripping wood and tile floors and light abrasive action grain 320.
    • PURPLE is the Dominator Pad, which is for coarse sanding and stripping of concrete and other hard floors etc.

These pads are also suitable for processing intensive cleaner and all oil and wax, hardwax products etc. in combination with the blue pad holder, that is the pad holder that you see on the right, it fits exactly on these pads. This can be done with a handle or by hand.

PS: Scrubbing always consists of two phases IN and OUT scrub scrub scrub IN so doing you a rougher path as the RED OUT and polish with a soft pad like WHITE, after application, for example, the Opti Set of Lakrollen / brushes etc.

Due to the risk of spontaneous combustion, always handle with care in oil-soaked pads and cloths

ACTION: All 6 Colors so a total of 6 for 21, - !!

Please note that we supply all colors and sizes of pads from 5 to 28 inches! (On order, delivery time 1 to 3 days)




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Same material as the Dynacross Superpads handpads.

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