Woca Invisible Oil Care

Woca Invisible Oil Care You can use Invisible Oil Care for the maintenance of all wooden surfaces that have been finished with Invisible Oil. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Clean the surface with Intensive Cleaner and wait until the ...
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Woca Invisible Care,

You can use Invisible Oil Care for the maintenance of all wooden surfaces that are finished with Invisible Primer & Oil and Neutral Oil.

Invisible Oil Care refreshes the old oil layer and improves protection.

Clean the surface with intensive cleaner and wait until it is dry. Product, room and floor temperature must be between 15 ° C-30 ° C. Always ensure good ventilation during application and curing. Shake the bottle well before and during use.

  • Apply a small amount of Invisible Oil Care to the wood with our special paint roller which you can see below. Always treat small surfaces of max. 20 m2 or less.
  • Rub the oil carefully with our white pads or cotton cloths (see below) for larger surfaces you can use a single-disc machine (always use our pads, size is always 16inch). Continue to rub until the wood looks saturated and the surface is smooth.
  • Remove excess oil from the surface with a cotton cloth. The wooden surface should not look wet and no residual oil should remain on the surface after rubbing.
  • You can use the surface carefully after 6-12 hours; after about 3-5 days it is completely cured. Do not allow the surface to come into contact with water until it is completely cured. Always do a test piece to see if there is good adhesion between the surface and the product.

After treatment
Not necessary

Cleaning and maintenance
Mop normally every week with the Eco Multi Cleaner.
Regular maintenance with Natural Soap (white) (+/- 6x per year)
Annual major maintenance with Invisible Oil Care

Packaging: 1 and 2.5 liters
Consumption: 30-40 m2 / l depending on the type of wood.

Safety data sheet available on request.


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