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Woca Master Oil WHITE, This is a solvent-containing oil which gives the untreated floor a very strong wear layer and also ensures a natural revival of the wood. For all wood types and floor types, Very suitable for large floor surfaces ...

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Product description

Woca MasterOil WHITE, (Master Color Oil)

Suitable for all untreated (sanded) woods. Deepens the wood color and structure and protects against dirt and stains. Waxing with the polishing machine is preferable. With Master Oil Natural, the WOCA Soap can be applied after a minimum of three days. With Master Oil White this is possible after a minimum of 7 days. An additional treatment with WOCA Soap makes the floor more resistant to moisture, dirt and stains.

  • For all types of wood and floor types
  • Always apply in 2 layers!
  • You can choose a color oil as 1st layer or just 2 layers Natural, click here for the colors ..
  • Very suitable for large floor areas
  • Preferably applied by machine
  • Suitable for children's toys
  • Living biologically recommended
  • Packaging: 1, 2.5 or 5 liters.
  • Consumption: 8-12 m2 / Ltr.

Woca Color Oil (Color Oil) gives wooden floors a beautiful natural look. Color oil is available in 12 different colors. The color oil can be applied directly to the untreated wood in 2 layers. The oil colors, penetrates deep into the wood and provides a strong, dirt and water-resistant surface. The oil accentuates the natural wood structure.

Color Oil is color and protection in one product. Many new color options arise in combination with pretreatments such as lyes. Color Oil enhances the color and structure of the wood. Therefore always do a test first to see if the result on the type of wood to be treated is satisfactory. Master Color Oil is applied in 2 layers.

Wipe wood beforehand with cloth in solution of Woca Intensive Cleaner (1:40 with water). Then let the wood dry well. Apply evenly with a brush or roller and let it soak for 20 minutes. Rub with our hand pads or one-disc polishing machine, rub dry with cotton cloths (see for everything here below or else here for the complete range of special polishing pads for Woca oil ...)

After 6-8 hours, polish the treated surface with a small amount of Master Color Oil (color or natural just what you want) to fully saturate the wood.

Consumption: 1 liter per ± 10m²
Drying time: approx. 24 hours

Apply Manually:
1. Apply tat with our paint rollers or brushes (see related products below) Apply color oil evenly on a maximum of 5 m2 floor space. do not use a cheap hardware store roll or brush, this will not make the result beautiful.
Keep distributing the oil for 20-25 minutes so that there are no chapped spots and an even, thin gloss layer is created everywhere. Pay extra attention to knots and other highly absorbent areas. Depending on the type of wood, consumption is about 1 liter of oil for 10-15 m2.
2. Then polish the oil with a green or red pad in the wood, until the pores of the wood are saturated and the floor no longer absorbs oil.
3. Now rub the treated surface of the floor dry with our cotton cloths (see again below). During this work the floor may be walked on. Always brush away footsteps immediately.

Cleaning and maintenance,

1, Annually: Apply Woca maintenance oil for protection and nutrition.

2. Monthly / 2 monthly: treat with Woca Natural Soap. Natural soap forms a protective layer on the surface, which ensures less wear and stains, etc.

3. weekly or as often as you like: Mop the floor normally with the Eco Multi Cleaner, this removes all dirt and keeps the floor wonderfully fresh and clean and prevents damage from caked dirt, stains, circles, etc.

4. You simply order these materials here ...


- Click here for TECHNICAL INFORMATION Manual application.

- Click here for TECHNICAL INFORMATION Machine application.




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