Woca No 1 Invisible Oil

Woca No 1 Invisible Oil gives the wood a solid protective layer and is neutral / invisible, so that your wood will remain untreated. The oil has been developed for use on untreated or recently sanded surfaces that have been pre-treated with ...
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Woca No 1 Invisible Oil,

Last 3 pieces of the No 1 series, capacity 2.5 ltr.

Below is based on the new Invisible but corresponds to the old no1 series, we also have some pieces of the No 1 Care maintenance oil, so you don't necessarily have to take the new maintenance oil, see here...





Invisible Primer & Oil is a water-based oil system that preserves the appearance of freshly sanded wood. Invisible Primer is always applied as the first layer, followed by a layer of Invisible Oil. The system is particularly suitable for light woods.


Invisible Primer
Apply Invisible Primer with the short-haired paint roller below (item: 10905 ), to a maximum of 20 m² at a time. Leave the primer on for 5 minutes. Rub the primer in the wood until the floor appears saturated. Use a single-disc polishing machine with a beige or burgundy pad (see below). Replace the pad regularly to prevent the primer from clumping.

Remove excess Primer with dry, lint-free cotton cloths (see below) until the surface no longer appears wet and allow the floor to dry for a minimum of 3-4 hours.

Invisible Oil
Barns with a burgundy SPP pad (see below) and vacuum clean thoroughly.

Apply a thin, even layer of Invisible Oil with the same special role (item: 10905 ). Always treat small surfaces of max. 10 m2 or less. Wait a maximum of 5 minutes until the oil is absorbed.

Rub the surface with a single-disc polishing machine and beige / red pad (see below) until the oil is completely rubbed into the wood (replace the pad if necessary to prevent accumulations). Remove excess oil from the surface with a cotton cloth (see below). Treat the entire surface in this way until the wood looks evenly saturated.

TIP from the professional: If the primer or oil dries too quickly, for example due to high temperatures or low humidity, both products can be made easier to process again by adding extra product.

The surface can be used carefully the next day; after 7 days the oil is fully cured under normal indoor conditions. Avoid contact with water before this time. After hardening, the wooden surface can be treated with Invisible Oil Care for extra protection or cleaned with the Eco Multi Cleaner and about 6 times a year the Woca Natural Soap

After treatment
For extra protection in busy areas, we recommend treating the floor once more with Invisible Oil Care after one week

Cleaning and maintenance
Mop normally every week with the Eco Multi Cleaner
+/- 6x per year maintenance with Natural Soap (white or natural),
Annual major maintenance with Invisible Oil Care (you can easily order this here)

Consumption (depending on the type of wood):

  • Invisible Primer 8-10 m2 / L
  • Invisible Oil 20-30 m2 / L

Packaging: 1 and 2.5 liters
Safety data sheet available on request.


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