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Woca Intensive Cleaner, This product is for oil floors, as well as for virtually all surfaces. With intensive cleaner fo...

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Eco Multi Cleaner 1 and 5 Ltr ACTION (all floors suitable) General purpose high quality PH neutral cleaner for daily str...

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WOCA Intensive Cleaner Spray 750ml, This product is for oil floors as well as for virtually all surfaces. With intensive...


Eco Multi Cleaner Spray - ACTION (suitable for all surfaces) Universally applicable high quality PH neutral cleaner for ...


Woca Exterior Cleaner [Woca] For the thorough cleaning of wooden terraces, fences, carports etc. Removes green deposits ...

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Cleanfix Scrubby Scrubby - ACTION A battery powered ejector machine for scrubbing all places where you can not use a sci...


Cleanfix Boom Machine Powerdisc 165 LS (Low speed) The Powerdisc 165 is a 1-disc 406mm relatively light professional eje...


The R44-180 Cleanfix Farming Machine, The R44-180 is a 1-piece (406mm) heavy and powerful machine-drilling machine. It i...


Woca Cleaner Paint For thorough cleaning of painted surfaces indoors. Trip-Trap intensive cleaner is also used in cleani...

Cleanfix Takeaway disc

Cleanfix Take-away disc Basic take-away disc for Cleanfix Powerdisc 165 and Cleanfix R44 series. This disc is simply tur...


Cleanfix Runner R44-450 High Speed ​​- ACTION Powerful, belt driven single disc machine is the professional's choice for...


Cleanfix Boom Machine R44-190 / 380 Duo Speed ​​Duo Speed ​​ejection machine for scrubbing and laying down. Due to the b...


Cleanfix Boenmachine Powerdisc HD (Heavy Duty) For the highest requirements, you must use the PowerDisc HD (Heavy Duty)....


Woca Multi Cleaner is specially developed for cleaning garden furniture of rattan, wood, steel, plastic, etc .. It is al...


Cleanfix ROWER R53-1100 Ultra High Speed ​​- ACTION Ultra High Speed ​​single disc machine for cleaning, optimally compa...


Woca Drachman Cleaner 1 ltr [Woca]

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