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Woca Pilot Bags Indoor Products, Here you ordered of any products inside a trial bag of choice in 11 different colors that you can can create a sample on a board, you can thus determine the color and order your larger volume through our site. The o...
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Woca Pilot Bags Indoor Products,

Here you can order a sample bag of all interior products in 11 different colours of your choice with which you can make a sample on a shelf, this way you can determine the colour and order your larger volume through our site. The oil is best applied with our special brushes, rollers or cloths. The polishing is done with the Woca Pads of your choice. But always according to this method,

Remember, with any oil, you always follow this method,,,
1, apply (with paint roller or brush, or with maintenance oil the Opti Set)
2, scrub in (after 15 min, with coarse polish path red or blue)
3, boning (after 1 hour, with softer pad, beige or white) and/or the cotton cloths.
(All these materials can be found "at the bottom" of the product as a related article).

Colors are,
Natural (Master Colour oil Natural)
White (Master Colour oil White)
Extra White (Master Colour oil Extra White)
Light Brown ...same as above
Brazil Brown...
Rhode Island Brown...
Castle Grey...
Extra Grey...

As usual with us everything is in stock and if you order today you will have it tomorrow.

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